FARMLAND, Ind. — One person is dead and three others injured after a high-speed crash sent a Honda Civic flipping end over end, ejecting two passengers as the Civic tumbled, flipped and rolled.

According to Randolph County Sheriff Art Moystner, the single-car crash occurred at approximately 8:40 p.m. on Sunday at the intersection of County Road 100 North and State Road 32 near Farmland.

The sheriff said the 2010 Honda Civic, driven by 19-year-old Wesley Burkhart of Muncie, disregarded the stop sign at the intersection and hit the hump in the road at a high rate of speed.

The Civic was driving so fast, according to the sheriff, that the car went airborne after hitting the hump in the road. Once the tires touched back down on the pavement, Burkhart lost control of the Civic and the car went into the ditch north of 100 N.

Crash investigators believe the Civic went rolling into the ditch and then struck another embankment on S. Plum Street causing the car to go airborne for a second time and flip end over end.

The sheriff said the Civic continued tumbling and rolling until at last coming to a rest in a pasture several feet east of a creek on the north side of 100 N.

While the car was tumbling, two backseat passengers were ejected from the Civic. Both were identified as being from Anderson, one a 19-year-old and the other a 16-year-old.

The sheriff said an 18-year-old from Avon was in the front seat of the Civic. The front seat passenger was transported by air to an Indianapolis hospital.

Both backseat passengers were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Muncie.

Burkhart was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff Moystner said none of the occupants inside the Honda Civic were wearing a seatbelt.

The crash remains under investigation.