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MUNCIE, Ind. — Two Muncie men face multiple charges in connection with the killings of three family members last week.

Devin Myers, 27, is charged with three counts of murder (and two counts of felony murder), armed robbery, criminal confinement, conspiracy to commit robbery and obstruction of justice. The Delaware Prosecutor’s Office believes Myers is a habitual offender based on two prior unrelated felony convictions.

Daniel Jones, 27, faces two counts of murder plus aiding, inducing or causing armed robbery, criminal confinement, conspiracy to commit robbery, obstruction of justice and resisting law enforcement. The prosecutor’s office also said Jones should be considered a habitual offender.

Myers is charged in the deaths of 69-year-old Malcolm E. Perdue; 51-year-old Kyndra K. Swift and 19-year-old Kyler Ryan Musick. Jones is charged in the deaths of Perdue and Swift.

Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said it was “premature” to say whether his office would seek the death penalty in the case, adding that the investigation was ongoing. Hoffman said the death penalty “is certainly still on the table.”

Perdue was Musick’s grandfather while Swift was Musick’s great aunt, according to family members.

Swift and Perdue were shot and killed during a home invasion on July 13 in the 2900 block of South Liberty Street. Musick’s body was found on July 14 near County Road 475 E. and S. Windsor Road.

According to court documents, Myers and Musick knew one another. A family member said Musick met up with some friends who shot and killed him. Later, two people went to his house to steal items belonging to Musick, unaware that other family members lived there.

Perdue and Swift were shot and killed in the resulting home invasion; Muncie police recovered a small safe that they believe belonged to Musick and had been stolen from the home on Liberty Street.

During an interview with police, Jones said Myers admitted to shooting Musick in the face and wrapping his body in plastic before dumping it. Not long after that, they went to Musick’s home, where the other family members were killed.

Musick was reported missing on July 13. Family members said they were unable to contact him following the home invasion and homicide on South Liberty Street. Police believe Musick was killed on July 12.