BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Two more fraternities at Indiana University have been placed on cease and desist for “endangering others” and alcohol violations.

IU is suspending Alpha Epsilon Pi of all organization social events/activities effective September 13 until further notice, the university website confirms. The website also shows that Sigma Alpha Mu is suspended of all organization activities until further notice.

This comes after Sigma Phi Epsilon was placed on cease and desist earlier this month for violations including endangering others and alcohol.

IU Spokesperson Chuck Carney explained IU’s cease and desist directives.

“Cease and Desist directives are placed when there are allegations of behavior that have caused or may cause harm to the members of the organization and/or the community,” Carney said in an email. “When an organization is placed on cease and desist, the organization is not allowed to host, attend, participate in any social events, recruitment activities, brotherhood/sisterhood events, philanthropy/service events or social events.”