INDIANAPOLIS — Your 2022 Indiana State Fair ‘Taste of the Fair’ winners are in!

From jumbo corn dogs to pickle pizza, from a fair food charcuterie board to lemon shake-ups, everyone knows fair food is where it’s at.

Thursday, August 17, the Indiana State Fair announced its winners for best food! Have you tried any of these yet?

First Place: Pickle pizza

Pickle Pizza (Offered by Swains Concessions)
  • Swain’s Concessions LLC took home the winning prize money of $2,500 for their pickle pizza! This pizza features homemade dough with dill ranch sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and of course, dill pickles.

Second Place: Pretzel nacho bites

Pretzel Nacho Bites (Offered by Wilson Concessions)
  • Created by Wilson Concessions, pretzel nacho bites took home the second prize winner of $1,000. This delicious snack includes pretzel bites covered in nacho cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, and bacon bits.

Third Place: Mexican street corn in a cup

Mexican Street Corn in a Cup (Offered by Wilson Concessions)
  • Another winner by Wilson Concessions. The prize money for third place is $500. This snack in a cup features roasted sweet corn, mayo, hot sauce, cheese, and Mexican spices.