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3 Indy men accused of spotlighting deer during roadside hunt in Sullivan County

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SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. – Conservation officers arrested three Indianapolis men accused of using a spotlight to hunt and kill a deer at night.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, 34-year-old Biak Sang, 30-year-old Hrang Lian and 32-year-old Ro Hmung Lian face misdemeanor charges of illegal taking of a white-tailed deer, hunting with the aid of a motor conveyance, jacklighting, shooting from a public roadway and hunting without the consent of the landowner.

DNR had received complaints of night hunting near County Road 400 East and County Road 550 North in Sullivan County. A conservation officer was in the area around 8:15 p.m. Saturday when he heard a gunshot and saw a vehicle leaving the vicinity.

The officer pulled over the vehicle; the driver, Hrang Lian, was the only person inside. The officer noted, however, that there were three rifles in the vehicle, along with a spotlight.

Additional conservation officers, a Sullivan police officer, a Sullivan County sheriff’s deputy and an Indiana State Police trooper located the two other men—Biak Sang and Ro Hmung Lian—nearby.

Officers located the poached deer with help from an ISP drone equipped with thermal imaging and a K9 officer. Meat from the deer was donated to an area family, DNR said.