HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Some places in Hamilton County are seeing snow drifts as high as three or four feet Friday as blistering winds sweep snow.

The Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency is still asking people to avoid being outside. Executive Director Shane Booker said some of the more rural roads in the county are down to just one lane with snow blowing into drifts. 

Hamilton County saw 36 crashes and a 40% uptick in non-emergency calls Thursday night into Friday morning.

”That can be anything from ‘My vehicle slid off the road,’ or ‘I need a jumpstart,’ those sort of things,” Booker said.

Booker said these numbers aren’t good but they are better than expected.

”Things were not as bad as we had anticipated,” Booker said.

Hamilton County has seen power outages. Around Noon there were more than 500 people without power but crews have been getting those issues fixed quickly. Booker said power outages are now the agency’s number one concern.

”Our concern is if there are power outages and those can’t be resolved quickly then we may have to provide support to a city or a town that may need to open a warming center,” he said.

Booker does want to remind people, we are not out of the woods yet with this storm. Even if snow isn’t falling, we will still deal with strong winds and freezing temperatures through the weekend.

If you do have to go out in this weather and run into trouble, Booker said to make sure you know the non-emergency number for your county. It’s important not to clog up 911 with non-life-threatening problems.