INDIANAPOLIS — Four people were injured and two more are in serious condition after a motorcycle crash Saturday on I-70 that occurred during an organized ride, police said.

The accident, which happened around 2 p.m. Saturday on the city’s west side, involved a total of four motorcycles and injured six people, Indiana State Police confirmed. Two of those people were “seriously injured”.

ISP officials said that those injured were participating in a “Patriot Freedom Ride” along I-70. FOX59 could not find any events listed for Saturday with that name, however did find a “Helping Heroes Freedom Ride” scheduled. We have reached out to ISP for clarification.

The crash caused traffic delays along the westbound lanes of I-70 south of Minnesota Street while the crash was investigated. An ISP Crash Reconstructionist responded to the scene and determined at least three separate crashes occurred, involving a total of four motorcycles.

Two of the crashes, ISP said, involved a single motorcycle and one involved two motorcycles that hit each other. The chain reaction crash occurred after a white car drove in between some of the riders, causing one motorcyclist to swerve and strike another motorcycle.

Two other motorcyclists laid their motorcycles down trying to avoid the crash. Police said the white passenger car did not stop at the scene and there is no further description of it.