INDIANAPOLIS — Four people were rescued Monday morning after a fire broke out and spread among several homes on the near north side of Indianapolis.

Just before 6 a.m., crews were called to the area of 36th and Illinois for a reported residence fire. Fire officials say two unoccupied structures were fully involved by the time responders arrived. A third residence to the north had also caught fire.

Four people, two adults and two children, were removed safely from the third building.

“We brought out four residents from the yellow house that you see right here. Two adults and two children. They are fine, but at this point victim’s assistance is working to get them some shelter,” said Rita Reith, IFD’s public information officer.

Another apartment building to the south of the original fire had to be evacuated, although it did not catch on fire.

Both of the houses that caught fire first were under construction. Officials say they are likely a total loss.

“Firefighters deployed multiple hand lines, master stream operations. They had it under control close to about 45 minutes. So they worked really well. The command ordered a defensive operation only because of the stability of the structures and the live power lines that were in the back,” explained Reith.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.