HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — It’s that time of the year, orange cones, detour signs and construction crews are out in full force as we are now firmly into construction season.

Carmel and Westfield are both in the process of adding multiple new roundabouts to ease traffic flow at traditionally congested intersections.

Four roundabouts under construction right now between Westfield and Carmel

”It is hard to navigate at times, for sure,” said Lucas Lloyd, a manager at Greek Tony’s Pizza & Sub Shop in Carmel.

The pizza shop has been right near the corner of 116th St. and Range Line Rd. for 30 years. The intersection will soon become the 143rd roundabout in Carmel.

For the last six weeks, Lloyd and others who frequent that area of town have been dealing with detours galore.

Carmel started on the 142nd roundabout just up the road from number 143. The roundabout at Medical Dr. and Range Line Rd. is now complete. Some orange barrels remain and the piece of Range Line connecting Medical Dr. to 116th is still closed, but other than that, traffic is flowing.

Now crews turn their attention to a two lane roundabout at 116th and Range Line.

”We’re going to close down the intersection to construct the north side of the roundabout,” said Carmel Director of Engineering Jeremy Kashman. “East to west traffic will be maintained one lane in each direction on the south side of the intersection.”

Kashman said construction is expected to last into August. The north side of the roundabout is projected to take 60 days and the south side will take 50 days.

Traffic going north and south on Range Line will be closed down throughout the project.

Kashman said they usually like to close a whole intersection down to build a roundabout but decided against that in this case.

”With the amount of traffic flowing cross-county on 116th St., we felt it would just be better to construct the roundabout half at a time,” he said.

Lloyd said he and his coworkers aren’t too worried about losing customers, thanks to a loyal base built up over decades in business. But Lloyd said he knows people will be avoiding the intersection during construction.

”It’ll be more difficult to stop by here because it won’t be as easy to just drive by the pizza store and pick up a pizza and breadsticks,” he said.

Westfield is dealing with its fair share of roundabout construction right now.

Three projects are ongoing at the intersections of 169th St. and Spring Mill Rd., 161st St. and Union St. and 191st St. and Chad Hittle Dr.

If it seems like a lot all at once, Westfield Director of Public Works Johnathon Nail said INDOT doesn’t allow road crews to get started on street projects until April 1.

As a result, all these projects get started at the same time,” Nail said. “Which I know is frustrating for drivers, we just ask for patience.”

Construction just started at the intersection of 161st and Union.

”It’s probably our most congested intersection outside of State Road 32 in our downtown,” Nail said.

He said this intersection has been a problem for years, getting very congested during peak commuting hours.

”I know the frustration some have seen sitting through several cycles at that light,” Nail said.

Construction is expected to finish up sometime in late Summer as school gets started in the fall.

The roundabout at 169th and Spring Mill is almost completed. Nail said crews started work there last fall and all that is left is some resurfacing work. He said drivers can expect that roundabout to close for a few weeks in early June for the finishing touches to that intersection.

As for 191st and Chad Hittle, construction began a few weeks ago.

“That one is really driven by 191 St being a gateway into Grand Park. We’re seeing a lot of growth in the northern parts of Westfield,” Hittle said.

Nail said construction is expected to finish there in July.

As construction season continues to ramp up, everyone involved is asking for people to take it slow as they adjust to new ways of getting around.