SPEEDWAY — For 63 years, homemade root beer and cheeseburgers have won over generations of race fans and Hoosiers served from a humble drive-in located a stone’s throw away from the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

But now, the historic slice of Americana located near 10th and Lynhurst is asking the hard question: How does one put a price on history?

Well…. how does $35,000 a year sound?

The six-decade-old Mug-N-Bun drive-in is now on the market with a mouthwatering $2.2 million asking price (which breaks down to just shy of $35,000 for every year of its operation).

Since 1960, the Mug-N-Bun drive-in has dished out a heaping mountain of Super Burgers to the hungry race lovers of Speedway while helping them wash it all down with a small sea of frosty root beer.

A staple of the community, Mug-N-Bun is well-known for selling not only homemade root beer and cheeseburgers but also dishing out tenderloins, hand-dipped onion rings, milkshakes and their Mug-N-Bun special — a cheeseburger served on toast with bacon.

While the days of carhops may be well in the history books, Mug-N-Bun still offers in-car service for those drive-in traditionalists while also providing indoor seating for customers who’d rather not risk accidentally spilling the secret coney sauce all over their seats.

According to the property listing, the Mug-N-Bun sits on 2.5 acres of land right in the heart of Speedway. The list price — $2,199,000 — may seem steep, but the property includes four parcels of land including the drive-up restaurant, a sit-down restaurant, a pizza shop and a residence.

The small pizza shop has operated for 35 years, according to Mug-N-Bun’s website, and offers fried chicken as well as pizza pies.

The listing also states that the price includes all the restaurant’s equipment, furniture and fixings. Almost everything one would need to keep the business running for future generations.