INDIANAPOLIS – AES Indiana again requested a rate decrease.

The utility company filed its quarterly fuel adjustment charge (FAC) with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and requested a decrease of 16.5%. According to testimony presented to the IURC, the average customer who uses 1,000 kWh a month would see their bill go down by $23.09.

If the commission approves the change, customers would see the lower rates reflected on their bills in June, July and August.

Earlier this year, AES requested a smaller decrease of $6.58 per month for the March, April and May billing cycle. It represented about a 4% reduction in the base bill.

Every quarter, utility companies can request changes to the fuel adjustment charge to account for variations in energy prices. Last year, AES requested a 19% increase, later approved at 12%, to account for soaring natural gas and coal prices.

The company said, if the rate decrease is approved, it would leave rates at their lowest in two years.