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UPDATE (1/26/2023): The state medical licensing board unanimously decided to suspend Dr. David Moore’s license for 90 days.


MARION, Ind. — The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is moving to strip a Grant County OB/GYN of his medical license after a woman accused the doctor of sexually assaulting her during an examination and taking photographs of her private area without her consent.

Since the accusation, the AG’s investigation reported several other women have come forth accusing the doctor of similar acts with investigators uncovering photographs of patients’ privates in medical files that the patients not only didn’t recollect being taken, but had never given permission for him to take.

The Petition for Summary Suspension — submitted to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office calls for an emergency hearing to suspend Dr. William David Moore of Women’s HealthCare LLC in Marion.

“(Dr. Moore) represents a clear and immediate danger if allowed to continue to practice,” the AG’s office stated in their filing.

Dr. William David Moore is currently listed as the Health Officer for the Grant County Health Department.

According to the Attorney General’s petition for suspension, a former patient of Dr. Moore’s referred to as “Patient A” submitted a consumer complaint claiming that in April 2022 she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Moore during an examination and had photographs taken of her private area without her consent.

The patient claimed during the examination Dr. Moore touched her privates in a manner she felt was sexual, performed an examination longer than normal to conduct, and asked her questions about her ability to pleasure herself.

“I felt sexually violated and assaulted,” Patient A wrote in her complaint to the Attorney General’s Office. “Dr. Moore needs to be investigated for malpractice and assault.”

The petition submitted by the Attorney General’s Office included several other patients’ complaints against Dr. Moore which included similar inappropriate behavior.

“I would like Dr. Moore’s medical license to be suspended and him to be unable to hurt any othe patients.”

“Patient B”

One patient told investigators that after telling Dr. Moore that she was a virgin, he reportedly responded, “Oh, you’re so pure.”

The patient then claims Dr. Moore told her, “If you aren’t sexually active within the next year, I will have to manually break your hymen because it’s hard for me to see.”

The filings claim “Patient B” didn’t learn until meeting with detectives that there were six photographs of her lower body in medical charts at Dr. Moore’s office. The patient said she didn’t recall giving consent for the photos to be taken.

“Patient C” also was reportedly surprised to discover photographs of her privates in Dr. Moore’s records. She too said she didn’t give consent and wasn’t even aware the photographs existed until the detective showed them to her.

“The level of humiliation and embarrassment that he put me through during that time is unexplainable and completely a violation of trust and privacy as a patient and a woman.”

“Patient D”

Court documents reveal that investigators also spoke with a nurse employed at Marion General Hospital about Dr. Moore. The nurse told investigators that she had heard from other nurses who worked with Dr. Moore that he “often had erections” while performing vaginal deliveries and would have assistants cover his lap.

The nurse claimed an employee at a cellphone store also told her that when accessing Dr. Moore’s phone several photographs of women’s external sexual anatomy were found on the device.

In the summary of their petition, the Attorney General’s Office stated that more complaints continue to be submitted against Dr. Moore and the investigation remains open with investigators continuing to contact new witnesses and affected persons.

The suspension of Dr. Moore’s license is only for a period of not more than 90 days, but the suspension can be expanded and his license stripped.

Dr. Moore’s attorney provided the following statement:

Dr. David Moore was a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist for more than 40 years before retiring at age 76 in December, 2022.  His medical license was never subjected to any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency during his long career.  He cares about his patients and worked very hard to provide them with excellent care.  Dr. Moore is prohibited by patient confidentiality laws from discussing the care he provided to his patients or sharing any documents related to their care.  Dr. Moore denies the allegations filed by the Attorney General’s office and is prohibited from patient confidentiality laws from commenting further at this time.

Ronald A. Mingus, attorney representing Dr. Moore

The Grant County Health Department has not responded to requests about Dr. Moore’s status as Health Officer with the department.

Marion Health stated they didn’t become aware of the petition filed against Dr. Moore until Wednesday evening, when FOX59 first broke the story. Marion Health stated they would be cooperating in the Attorney General’s investigation.

A letter posted on Dr. Moore’s website states that he is retiring and closing his office after practicing for 44 years.

“After my retirement, I will not be licensed to practice medicine,” Dr. Moore stated, in part, in his letter.

The Indiana State Police ask anyone who feels they were a victim of inappropriate behavior committed by Dr. Moore to contact the Peru post at (765) 473-6666.