INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has announced a settlement for over $66 million on behalf of the state to settle overcharging allegations against a major healthcare company.

AG Rokita announced the settlement, which totals $66,496,758, on Tuesday. The settlement’s purpose, Rokita said, is to “resolve allegations” of overcharging against Centene Corp.

The allegations against the major healthcare services company include overcharging Indiana’s Medicaid program for pharmaceutical costs.

As part of the settlement, Rokita said, Centene makes no admission of guilt and maintains that its business practices were lawful.

A statement from the AG’s office detailed allegations against the company:

“While functioning as a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Centene allegedly failed to disclose true pharmacy benefits and services costs. Among other functions, PBMs contract with pharmacies and reimburse them for filling prescriptions on behalf of insurance plans — in this case, on behalf of the State of Indiana. 

As a result of Centene’s failure to disclose true costs, Centene allegedly inflated dispensing fees causing an added cost to the Medicaid program.”

Statement from Attorney General Todd Rokita

Indiana is one of at least 18 states to investigate the alleged overcharges by Centene.

“Companies must be held accountable for their actions,” Attorney General Rokita said.

The settlement agreement requires Centene to pay the State of Indiana roughly $66.5 million in two installments of 12 months.

To read a full copy of the settlement, click here.