ANDERSON, Ind. – An Anderson man accused of confining and raping a woman in July also faces charges for a December incident in which police say he climbed through a child’s bedroom window to confront her.

Police arrested Trevon Lee Chapman, 29, on charges of rape, criminal confinement, domestic battery and strangulation in connection with the July 2022 incident. He’s charged with residential entry and invasion of privacy for violating a protective order in connection with the December 2022 incident.

The woman told police that on the night of July 19, 2022, she was getting out of the shower when she heard Chapman’s voice. He hadn’t been invited and the woman had a protective order against him.

He had broken into her apartment before, the woman told police, and she kept her front door locked and secured her back sliding glass door with a metal rod.

Chapman was talking to someone on the woman’s phone. He yelled at her, accused her of cheating on him and said she was “his.” The woman said Chapman refused to give her phone back; she went to a neighbors’ house to ask to use their phone, but Chapman told the neighbors not to let her and said they “should stay out of it,” according to court documents.

The woman went back to her apartment because her 5-year-old son was inside. She said Chapman grabbed her by the head and neck and “dragged her upstairs,” according to court documents. He hit her in the face “approximately 50 times,” according to court documents, and knocked out a tooth. He kept her upstairs and refused to let her go.

She called the police; Chapman wouldn’t leave even after officers knocked on the door for a welfare check. He wouldn’t let the woman answer the door, she said. The woman used her phone to record Chapman yelling at her, according to court documents. She said he put his hands around her neck and strangled her, causing her to briefly lose consciousness more than once.

According to court documents, Chapman sexually assaulted her twice, telling her, “I will do what I want.” Chapman finally left, running out the back door after some relatives of the woman arrived. She had been confined upstairs for about 20 hours, according to police.

The woman’s problems with Chapman weren’t over. Months later, on the morning of Dec. 7, 2022, the woman heard “loud banging” coming from her daughter’s bedroom. Chapman had gotten into her home by climbing through the bedroom window; a neighbor had seen him do it, according to court documents.

Once inside, Chapman started yelling at her and stated that they “needed to talk about some things.” Chapman appeared to calm down once he realized another man, described as the woman’s friend, was inside the residence. The woman told Chapman she was calling 911, prompting him to leave. The woman said it didn’t appear Chapman was in possession of any weapons.

Chapman had initial hearings in both cases earlier this week.