ANDERSON, Ind. — A 7-year-old Anderson girl is recovering after she was dragged down the street by her school bus, according to her family and local police.

The incident happened on Friday morning as Kah-Lise Brown was boarding her bus.

“I can’t even look at a bus without seeing the picture of my daughter being dragged on the ground from it,” Grace Brown, Kah-Lise’s mother, said.

Brown said she saw her daughter put one foot up on the first step and that what happened next scarred her.

“The door started closing and she’s hopping until she gets swept under and drug the rest of the way,” Brown recalled.

Brown said she ran after the bus, screaming for it to stop, but that it kept going. The bus eventually stopped approximately 30 feet down the street.

“She was hysterical, crying and shaking so bad,” Brown said of her daughter’s condition when she was found her.

Pictures shared with FOX59/CBS4 show Kah-Lise’s clothes ripped and torn. Her knee was bloodied in the incident.

Brown said she is lucky her daughter’s injuries weren’t worse.

“I could’ve lost my baby, nobody really understands that,” Brown said. “She could’ve gone under that wheel. She could’ve bounced her head off the ground.”

Anderson Community Schools released a statement Monday morning addressing the situation.

“Since the time of the incident, we have been in close contact with the student’s mother, the bus driver, the Anderson Police Department, the Indiana State Police Department and the Department of Child Services,” the district said.

However, Kah-Lise’s family said they feel the communication has been anything but close.

“I am past disbelief because they still have not tried to contact Grace in the right way and make sure that my grandbaby is okay,” the girl’s grandmother, Keisha Williams, said.

Williams said she and Brown have had to learn new information about the incident from the statement the district released online, rather than from a representative of the district.

The grandmother also said that the family has been told very little about how the district is addressing the situation.

“I totally hate that this happened to my grandbaby but she’s not the only child on the bus,” Williams said. “It could’ve been another child.”

The district said in its statement that the bus driver won’t be permitted to drive while its investigation is underway.

Brown said that is a good thing and she is now struggling to understand how the driver did not realize they were dragging her daughter.

“Why didn’t you look at your mirrors? Why didn’t you look behind you?” Brown questioned. “Why didn’t you look at the door as you were closing it? Why didn’t you look?”

The Anderson Police Department along with Indiana State Police, the school district and the Department of Child Services are all conducting independent investigations of this incident.