ANDERSON, Ind. — An investigation is underway in Anderson after someone burglarized a local pet food pantry. The thief was caught on camera stealing the cash register and causing hundreds of dollars in damage. 

Tuesday morning started out as a normal day for Susan Blake. She showed up at her thrift store, Mitzy’s Morsels, to get some work done. 

“I walked up to the door and it was unlocked. I came in and there was glass all over the floor and then I saw all the wires over the counter,” Blake recounted. “Then it dawned on me, I’m like oh we’ve been robbed.”

When she checked her surveillance cameras she saw a person busting into her shop and trying to open the locked cash register. They then began rifling through the drawers to try and find a key.

When that didn’t work they decided to just take the whole thing with him and while they were at it, they reached into a donation jar and stole all the cash inside.

Courtesy: Susan Blake

All together, Blake believes she’s out close to a thousand dollars.

“You feel so violated that somebody is coming in the space that you’ve worked really hard to provide a great service for low-income families,” Blake said.

Blake started her thrift store three years ago to help low-income people obtain food and supplies for their pets. All the revenue goes to provide free spaying and neutering services to help control the pet population.

When word spread about what had happened, the community started to step up and help.

“Who robs a rescue or a not-for-profit, especially around the holidays?” said Paula Mottweiler.

Mottweiler owns a local hair salon called The Hair Company and had been collecting donations for Blake’s store during the entire month of December.

When she heard what happened she headed straight there with more than $500 in monetary donations and lots of pet supplies.

“You could see the relief in her,” Mottweiler said. “It just made her feel better that someone showed up and cared that day.”

And it didn’t stop there. Blake says the Madison County Community Foundation started a fundraiser and is matching up to a thousand dollars in donations. 

After falling victim to people at their worst, she says it was wonderful to also see them at their best. 

“We have to be a little bit more diligent,” Blake said. “But there’s still good people in the world, there’s a lot of good people in the world.”

Blake says they have received some tips about the identity of the burglar and those have been forwarded to Anderson Police. 

If you’d like to donate, you can do so on her organization’s Facebook page or send a donation to PO BOX 31 Pendleton, IN 46064.