DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. – The convictions of two women who supplied drugs to people who died from overdoses will stand.

The Indiana Court of Appeals rejected the appeals of Jessica Campbell and Mya Moody in a pair of separate cases. The women had asked the appeals court to overturn their convictions for dealing in a narcotic drug resulting in death.

The court declined to do so Wednesday.

A jury deliberated for about two hours in January before finding Campbell guilty of supplying a 27-year-old woman with fentanyl. The woman had requested heroin but later died from an overdose. The victim was pregnant at the time, resulting in the death of her unborn child.

In March, Campbell was sentenced to 40 years in prison—the maximum sentence requested by prosecutors. Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said Campbell’s case was the first time in the county’s history that someone had been held criminally liable for killing someone by selling them drugs.

Muncie woman convicted of selling drugs to pregnant woman who died from overdose
Jessica Campbell

Prosecutors called Campbell a “cold-blooded” drug dealer.

In May, a jury convicted Mya Moody in connection with a 2021 incident at the Delaware County Jail. Moody hid heroin in a body cavity and sold it to other inmates; one of the inmates died from acute fentanyl intoxication.

Mya Moody

Prosecutors described Moody as a “human hurricane causing destruction in her path.” A judge sentenced her to 40 years in June.

“Our office takes dealing resulting in death very seriously and we will continue to enforce the statute by prosecuting the offenders,” Hoffman said in a statement. “These convictions should send a crystal-clear message to drug dealers: if you deal narcotics in Delaware County and your customer overdoses and dies, you will be prosecuted and you will be held accountable. Stop preying on vulnerable addicts and stop selling your poison in our community.”