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INDIANAPOLIS — We recently told you about The City League basketball tournament bringing Hoosiers together both on and off the court.

The summer-long event features community events during the basketball games to teach valuable skills– like financial literacy or cooking classes. Now, they’re teaming up with an art platform to shine a spotlight on Indiana artists.

“This is a huge thing actually,” said Polina Osherov, executive director of PATTERN magazine. “It’s a way to bring different communities together.”

The Art on the Sneaker competition is a unique opportunity for artists to put their skills to the test.

They compete for cash prizes and exposure by creating unique designs on basic white sneakers. This can be a challenge but the results are incredible!

“It’s a competition,” Osherov said. “It’s taking place during a basketball tournament so we’re trying to melt together art and sports.”

The tournament consists of two separate competitions – one for professional artists and the other for high school students. 

“It’s taking place during a basketball tournament so we’re trying to melt together art and sports, which is something we do quite a bit in this city of ours which is known for sports,” Osherov said.
“So there’s this opportunity to put yourself out there and show what you can do. Maybe it’s just the opportunity isn’t even winning, but the process of meaning to do this and tell others about my art.”

The competition will take place on Saturday, August 6th, during The City League Men’s tournament. Finalists will be selected by a panel of judges and will move to a championship round to compete for cash prizes and an opportunity for their shoes to be toured around Indianapolis. 

This is for high schoolers and adults with art experience so be ready to submit your portfolio too. The deadline to apply is July 19th! To learn more, click here.