INDIANAPOLIS — The charges related to the December 2022 attempted murder of late radio host and comedian Ronald Sexton, better known as Donnie Baker, have officially been dismissed after Sexton’s unrelated death in July.

According to court documents, filed earlier this month in Marion County, the prosecutors previously asked to dismiss the charges against Paul Berkemeier in relation to the December 2022 incident. Berkemeier was charged with one count of attempted murder, a Level 1 felony, and one count of carrying a handgun without a license, a Level 5 felony.

Court records said that the two charges were officially dismissed on Monday and Berkemeier’s jury trial has been canceled.

According to previous reports, Sexton was reportedly shot at by Berkemeier in December 2022 when Sexton was in Indianapolis to meet with Berkemeier’s wife in a reported affair. Court documents stated that a vehicle drove up next to Sexton’s vehicle and “opened fire at (Sexton’s) car.” Officials said that Sexton was not hit by any of the bullets and he was alone in the vehicle at the time.

In July, officers with the Hamilton Police Department in Ohio confirmed that 52-year-old Sexton died at a hotel in an unrelated incident. In a statement given to FOX59/CBS4 at the time, the department said that the Sexton’s cause and manner of death are still pending and they do not expect to have that information until the end of August or beginning of September.

In support of the motion to dismiss Berkemeier’s charges, the court documents said there are no other witnesses of the shooting known to law enforcement and there is no known video of the shooting itself.

“Mr. Sexton’s statements were the foundation upon which the State filed charges,” the documents read. “Mr. Sexton’s testimony is essential to the State’s case… An extensive police investigation was conducted. However, there remains elements of the charged offenses that can only be proved through the testimony of Ronald Sexton. Specifically, the State cannot prove the identity of the shooter through any other means.”

In a statement provided to FOX59/CBS4 by Tracey Sexton, Ronald Sexton’s wife of 29 years and the mother of his four children, she said that they are “extremely disappointed” in the decision to drop the charges.

“In December, someone shot nine bullets into Ron’s rental car.  Nine shots. That was not by accident. The person was trying to kill him,” she said. “We want to thank the IMPD detective that worked tirelessly to put together a strong case that resulted in the prosecutor filing the original attempted murder charges. At the same time, we would like to express our frustration with a court system that allowed the repeated continuances that brought us to this point. This trial was supposed to take place back in March.  In March, it was moved to May. In April, it was moved to August. Conveniently for some, Ron is no longer with us to take the stand and identify the accused that has resulted in the case being dismissed.”