INDIANAPOLIS — A large fight. Attendees pepper sprayed. A canceled funeral.

A funeral was canceled Saturday after a fight broke out inside, police said, with some getting pepper sprayed by those fighting as over 100 people cleared out from the Indy funeral home.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were called Saturday afternoon to 5252 E. 38th Street, the location of Williams and Bluitt Funeral Home, for a large disturbance and people fighting. IMPD officers on scene said an altercation had started inside, causing the 120-150 people in the funeral home to clear out.

The fight then spilled outside, IMPD said, and a funeral home employee called the police causing around 30 IMPD officers, including the Emergency Response Group, to respond to the scene. Officers said that not every person was involved in the fight and that it took about 45 minutes to calm everyone down. The funeral was subsequently canceled.

Investigators said that no one was seriously injured in the fight, although people were pepper spraying each other, and no shots were fired. IMPD did say one person was detained for a stolen gun.