BEECH GROVE, Ind. — The community of Beech Grove gathered Saturday to honor one of their own, a former resident that died in last year’s FedEx mass shooting.

The community held a prayer vigil to remember Samaria Blackwell, one of 8 people killed during the shooting that injured others.

A faith-based round table operated by Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley sponsored the vigil. At the event, Buckley said he is focused on making sure that the victims are not forgotten.

“This young lady was just getting started in life,” he said. “[She] wanted to be a police officer and it’s just so sad.”

Buckley also added that events like these not only honor the victims, but family members and friends of the victims as well.

“We want to send a message to all involved that we are thinking about them,” he said. “We care for them and we will be here for them each day.”

A list of resources to help those affected by the shooting can be found here.