BROWNSBURG, Ind. — There is a special holiday tradition at an Indiana pizza shop that goes quite a long way for the employees who work on Christmas day.

Thanks to the owners of Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg, all of the money made from Christmas Day sales goes toward the employees. The staff can sign up to work the shift if they would like, and, in return, the day’s sales are split among everyone.

“The owners will provide all the dough and all the ingredients that we will use tonight,” employee Summer Lacotta described. “And we keep 100% of the sales. Not just profit. If somebody orders a $32 order, that $32 gets split between everyone that’s working as sort of a Christmas bonus.”

It’s a generous holiday gift the employees said they are thankful for.

“I think it is amazing,” Lacotta said. “They are wonderful people. I have never once had to worry about working here or anything like that. So, the fact they go above and beyond every year, and for how long they’ve been doing it, it amazes me.”

Rockstar Pizza employees said they are not just thankful for Ron and Colby Matthews, the owners.

“We get a lot of support from Brownsburg and our regulars,” Lacotta said. “[Today] it’s a community giving back to us, which is nice.”

All in all, the staff said they do not mind sacrificing a portion of their holiday in order to make some extra dough.

“I think it’s worth it,” Lacotta said. “Since I’ve been here three years, this is my second family. I get to spend time with them and get a little Christmas bonus for myself.”

The Matthews family said it is a great way to give back to their employees who work so hard throughout the year.