JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. — An Indiana man is dead after investigators say an off-road vehicle crash occurred Sunday in Jackson County.

State conservation officers were called around 4 p.m. Sunday to the intersection of County Road 225 West and 450 North for a serious ORV, or off-road vehicle, accident.

Upon arrival, investigators found that a man was operating a side-by-side ORV with two passengers when he disregarded a stop sign and hit a passenger car.

All of the occupants of the ORV were ejected after the crash, DNR said. The driver of the ORV, identified by DNR as 78-year-old Robert Carr of Brownstown, was later pronounced dead from his injuries after being taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis

One of the two surviving passengers in the ORV was also taken to St. Vincent’s for treatment. DNR did not mention if the second passenger sustained any injuries.

“No seat belts, helmets, or safety equipment were used by the ORV occupants at the time of the accident,” DNR said in a statement Tuesday. “This incident remains under investigation.”