INDIANAPOLIS — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana in partnership with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), announced Tuesday a volunteer campaign to recruit “500 Bigs by the Indy 500.” The campaign was launched March 1 and will go until May 28, the day of the Indy 500, according to a press release from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“IMS believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of connection, growth and understanding between a mentor and mentee,” said Penske Entertainment Senior Vice President, Allison Melangton. “Through this partnership, we hope to recruit enough mentors to get the waitlist down to zero.”

There are currently more than 70 volunteer mentors that have already signed up, but with more than 1,400 young people in need of a mentor in Central Indiana, the process to find more volunteers continues.

“Our hope is that more people will realize how rewarding it is to be there as a mentor for a young person — to encourage them, connect them to opportunities benefit from knowing them,” said Darcy Palmer-Shultz, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.

Being a mentor through the program requires a one-year commitment to be matched with a mentee. The mentor and mentee are respectively referred to as “Big,” and “Little.” The Bigs and Littles will meet four to six hours per month for activities provided by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. You can learn more about how to volunteer here.

“It is no small thing that, while they are gearing up for Indy 500 season, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is doing just as much to give back to our community,” said Palmer-Shultz. “When we shared the need, there was no hesitation to help — and we are grateful and excited to make a difference over these months.”

To learn more about the 500 Bigs by the Indy 500 campaign, click here.