(NEXSTAR/KDVR) – Would your knowledge of Indiana hold up under Trebek-level questioning?

Since the debut of the show’s current iteration, “Jeopardy!” has presented contestants with hundreds of clues about Indiana, ranging from the history of the state to its well-known sports figures and everything in between.

But would you know the correct responses to some of the more challenging clues, if asked?

The following five Indiana-themed clues were pulled from the fan-managed J! Archive fan site, which aims to record all clues, responses, contestants and scores since the 1984 season. Quiz yourself at home, then reveal the correct response by highlighting the obscured text with your cursor (or finger, if you’re reading this on a mobile device).

  1. Taken from Episode #335, airing on 3/16/1999
    Category: Libraries
    $200 Clue: Indiana University’s Lilly Library contains many rare books including his 1450s New Testament
    Who is Gutenberg? IU’s library is home to one of only 49 copies (albeit an incomplete one) of Johannes Gutenberg’s Bibles.
  2. Taken from episode #8487, airing on 10/12/2021:
    Category: On Base
    $800 Clue: In 1968 an air reserve base in Indiana was named for this Hoosier astronaut killed in a fire the year before
    Who is Gus Grissom? Grissom, who was born in Mitchell, Indiana, died in Jan. 1967 during a failed pre-launch test with the rest of the planned Apollo 1 crew.  
  3. Taken from episode #8564, airing on 1/27/2022
    Category: U.S. Place Names
    $1,000 Clue: 2 1/2 hours south of Indianapolis is this town named for an ethnicity & for the salt deposits that deer & buffalo once enjoyed
    What is French Lick? Founded in 1857, the town of French Lick was once home to a French trading post.
  4. Taken from Episode #3781, airing on 1/29/2001
    Category: Territorial Governors
    $500 Daily Double Clue: He was Indiana governor for 12 years, 144 times longer than he was U.S. president
    Who is William Henry Harrison? Harrison, the ninth U.S. president, died only 31 days into his presidency after becoming severely ill with what researchers believe was a bacterial infection.
  5. Taken from Episode #4612, airing on 9/28/2004
    Category: The Veep
    $1,000 Daily Double Clue: This senator from Indiana who became Vice President has a city named for him – in Alaska, of all places
    Who is Charles Fairbanks? Before becoming vice president under Theodore Roosevelt, Fairbanks was appointed to a committee that sought to settle the U.S.-Canadian boundary in Alaska.

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