CARMEL, Ind. — The City of Carmel is preparing for several major construction projects on and along a few of the area’s roadways.

A few of those projects are kicking off this week and in the coming weeks. Much of the city’s planned road construction revolves around 106th Street and College Avenue. All of the projects are located in the Home Place neighborhood.

“These investments are part of what we do as a city,” said Jeremy Kashman, director of engineering for the City of Carmel. “Home Place just recently became part of the city; it’s time to invest money here.”

Kashman said Home Place is the last section of Clay Township to be annexed into the city, which happened just a couple of years ago.

Starting this week, crews will begin one of many projects. Construction will start on multi-use paths along both sides of 106th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue to College Avenue.

“That’s a very big accomplishment, because Fishers is building a park just along the White River,” Kashman described. “This connection will take you into Zionsville. So really starting a regional path network is what that will help connect.”

The pathways will also help better connect the city’s east side to the city’s west side, allowing better accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The biggest thing we’re trying to do with these multi-use path networks is also create a safe environment so people don’t have to drive everywhere,” Kashman said. “We’re really trying to, even down here and other parts of the city, we’re pushing that walkability and bikeability. That’s not only for exercise but for trying to create trips that you can take via bicycle.”

This project is expected to be done by the end of the year, with additional landscaping to take place during the spring of 2023.

Other construction efforts will begin on Sept. 6 at the intersection of College Avenue and 106th Street. Crews will remove traffic lights and begin work on a new roundabout instead. Kashman said the city had received several complaints about the intersection. He said this should make it safer and allow traffic to flow more efficiently.

This project will come with a 60-day road closure. Kashman said drivers should expect some temporary delays and detours. He said drivers should use extra caution once the work begins.

“I think the biggest thing to expect is to be patient,” he said.

There are several other projects lined up for 2023, including reconstruction of College Avenue between 96th Street and 106th Street, a new roundabout at Pennsylvania Parkway and College Avenue, and stormwater improvements.

All in all, city leaders hope these efforts help the Home Place neighborhood grow.

“Like we’ve done everywhere else within the city, we like to invest in our infrastructure,” Kashman said. “And we’ve found when we do invest in our infrastructure, the city invests back into itself. So we’re hoping to spur a little bit of economic development down here. Really start transforming Home Place.”

The city plans to provide additional details and closure information as some of the additional projects get closer to starting.