CARMEL, Ind. — Protests and demonstrations have continued across the country since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe versus Wade nearly two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, businesses across the U.S. closed in support of abortion access nationwide. That included a local business in Carmel.

Classic Cakes creates gourmet style cakes, mainly for weddings and other special events. The business is woman owned and run, which management said was one reason they felt compelled to be part of the protest.

“My goal is not to change anyone’s mind,” said Megan Babuska, CEO of Classic Cakes. “My goal is to support the people who are struggling right now, you know, who are in pain, who are grieving, who are scared that their rights are being taken away.

“I just want to offer them a little bit of kindness and support during this time.”

The protest wrapped up a weekend of economic-based protests, which involved limiting spending this weekend and then closing Tuesday. Classic Cakes said they will be open for normal hours of operation Wednesday.