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INDIANAPOLIS — A billboard just outside the Indiana State Fairgrounds is asking for Aaron Rodgers to take over the quarterbacking duties for the Colts.

”I’m an avid Colts fan, so I wanted to make our play toward Aaron Rodgers,” said Joseph Wade, the man behind the billboard.

Wade is the founding attorney at Wade Law, a firm in Carmel that’s been around for about two years.

”I”m a Colts fan through and through, everyone in the firm is a big Colts fan,” Wade said.

The new digital billboard near the intersection of Fall Creek Parkway and Evanston Avenue has the words #IndyWantsRodgers on it, with a picture of a Colts jersey with the four-time MVP’s name on the back of it.

Wade is hoping to grab Rodgers and the Colts’ attention to make a trade happen.

”I thought what better way to do that than to make something go viral,” he said.

It’s a bit of a long shot, Rodgers is still under contract with the Green Bay Packers for another year, but disagreements and drama last offseason fueled trade rumors – making fans wonder if it’s possible Rodgers requests a trade this offseason.

”I think Aaron probably puts us in a position where we could probably win the Super Bowl,” Wade said.

Wade said he’s not against current Colts starting quarterback Carson Wentz, but after a disappointing end to last season, he wants the best player possible under center for the Colts.

”This is a first ballot Hall of Famer,” Wade said. “He’s probably got three or four years left and I would hope those three or four years he could come to Indy and get us to where we want to be.”

Other Colts fans aren’t as sure.

”It would be a heck of gamble, it really would,” said Randy Collins.

Randy Collins is a Colts super fan, he’s the founder of the Indy Blue Crew Fan Club.

”Carson Wentz is a decent quarterback. He made some plays last year that were unbelievable but at the end of the year he missed some layups,” Collins said.

He said he was as disappointed as anyone about the end of the season for the Colts, but he thinks a move like this could possibly backfire.

Whether Aaron Rodgers gets traded to Indy or not, the billboard has certainly been an attention-getter. Wade said he got about 100 calls and three new clients just in the first 24 hours of the billboard being up.

”I had to turn my cell phone off yesterday because social media messages were going crazy too,” he said.

So far, responses have varied to the new billboard.

”It’s probably a mix of both, like, ‘Hey this is a terrible idea’ and they hate me and a lot of people calling saying, ‘Hey, this is awesome, we’d love to have Aaron Rodgers,'” Wade said. “I think a lot of it falls along the political lines, unfortunately.”

Rodgers has been a controversial figure in recent months for his COVID-19 views, but Wade said this is just about winning football games.

”It’s just we want a good quarterback in Indy to take us where we want to be,” he said.

After accepting his fourth NFL MVP award Thursday night, Rodgers told reporters he will make a decision in the near future, so Colts fans can wait and see if anything actually happens.