CARMEL, Ind. — It’s a small effort but an effort nonetheless.

Dr. Risa Davidson, a Carmel pediatrician, is collecting baby formula donations in an effort to get it to local parents who are struggling to find it for their children.

“I started seeing all these posts about formula shortages, and I’m like how can I help,” Davidson said.  “I have to be able to do something.”

This past weekend, Davidson said she felt compelled to take some kind of action to help local parents amidst the nationwide shortage. She said several Facebook groups she belongs to are full of stories about mothers finding empty shelves as they travel from store to store.

“Oh, drive to Walmart here, they have stock, and then it’s gone an hour later,” Davidson said. “People will post that they have formula, and then tons of people are commenting, and then it’s gone.”

On Sunday, Davidson put out a social media call for donations to be dropped off at her office at Little Village Pediatrics in Carmel. The donations started coming in the next day.

“Basically, it’s like you send me an email for a pickup or a donation,” she described. “If you have a donation, drop it off here, and then I connect with the people who need to pick it up.”

As a small, independent pediatrician, Davidson believes she has more latitude and flexibility to run such a program than larger corporate offices.

To schedule a donation drop-off, individuals can email the Little Villages Pediatrics office at with the subject line “Drop Off.”  To schedule a pickup, use the same email address with the subject line “Pick Up.”

“I can organize it quickly, I don’t have to form a committee or get approval from anybody,” she said. “It’s like ‘Hey, I want to accept formula, I want to get it out to families,’ done.”

Like many, Davidson is hoping the formula shortage will be over in the next couple months. Until then, she plans to do what she can to help as many as she can make it through the week.

“People who come in are so thankful, which makes me feel really good,” she said. “Even if I just give them one can, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you.’”