CARMEL, Ind. – Conner Prairie could be expanding over the next decade, but neighbors’ feelings are mixed when it comes to the potential upgrades.

“When we were younger, we were there every weekend,” said neighbor, Robert Payne.

It’s a spot residents can’t stay away from.

“We take our stroller over there, I mean, three to four times a week,” said neighbor, Courtney Hicks.

Now the outdoor, living history museum is looking to expand and it’s working with Carmel City officials to make it happen.

It comes with some things you’re not used to at the well-traveled site.

“Some commercial, retail planned. Maybe a farm-to-table restaurant, and eco lodging, kind of like hotel units,” said (R) Carmel City Councilor Adam Aasen.

Conner Prairie said the new plans will “Provide more opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about the history of the river and gain access for recreational and educational purposes.”

The upgrades would take over a decade to finalize, but residents aren’t sold on the idea. They’re worried about how it will add to traffic issues in the area.

“When I am walking, using my stroller, trying to get across that road is already challenging how it is,” said Hicks.

Aasen said the proposal is still in the early stages.

“River Road will see increased traffic, and so having a project like this at Conner Prairie, that will increase traffic for 146th St. and River Road, is something we do have to consider,” said Aasen.

Neighbors are also worried about having a hotel across the street from an elementary school.

“As we go through this process, it’ll be important to make sure whatever changes are made or how the project ends up that it works for the neighbors surrounding the project,” said Aasen.

Aasen said the expansion should be discussed during a meeting in late June.