PENDLETON, Ind. — Some community members showed up to a Pendleton School Board meeting held Thursday night to show their support for a school counselor who says she is on administrative leave.

The woman in question, Kathy McCord, is a counselor at Pendleton Heights High School in Madison County, Indiana.

In a Facebook post, McCord’s daughter said her mom was disciplined by the school after disagreeing with and speaking publicly about an apparent policy to withhold information from parents about a student’s preferred pronouns.

At a previous meeting in February, the school board’s president said board members would not discuss personnel issues. At Thursday’s meeting, that sentiment was reiterated and no school officials would speak on the topic.

However, this did not stop some community members from voicing their opinions on the matter. Multiple citizens in support of McCord lined up at Thursday’s meeting and expressed how they agree with her opinions on the apparent policy.

Two people at the meeting, in rebuttal, stood up to say they believe McCord should be fired.

FOX59/CBS4 has reached out to the South Madison school district several times since Jan. 23 to ask about the situation but has yet to receive a response. As of Thursday night, McCord is still listed on the school’s website as a guidance counselor.

Our recent statehouse coverage has highlighted several new bills that address LGBTQ+ policies in schools, including Senate Bill 354. The bill, if passed, would require Indiana schools to inform parents if a student asks school officials to change their gender identity.