CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — Two bodies have been found in Connersville in just over three weeks, both under suspicious circumstances.

Now city officials are addressing growing safety concerns in that small community. 

“It’s gives you a real eerie feeling,” said resident Norma Jackson.

It started when 53-year-old Thomas Combs was found shot to death in Dale cemetery on August 17. 

Thomas Combs

Then this past Saturday, police found 47-year-old Joshua Durham dead between two homes across the street from the Connersville City Cemetery. Police haven’t said how he died, but several neighbors told our crew they heard gunshots the night before. 

One bullet ended up slicing through the gutter of a nearby home. 

“It’s not out of the question until we can rule it out 100 percent,” Sgt. Clint Brown said. “But at this point we have no evidence that we connect these two incidents together.”

While they may not be connected, Sgt. Brown said it is unusual. but he wants to assure Connersville residents that they’re working to get those responsible off the streets. 

“We are going to walk down every avenue and through every door we need to to find resolution to this case,” Sgt. Brown said.

Still, that assurance isn’t necessarily enough to put residents at ease.

“It’s very sad that you don’t feel safe in your own home,” Jackson said. “Now when I’m out here, I’m always looking.”

So far no arrests have been made in either case. Sgt. Brown says anybody who knows anything about the two victims should give police a call.

“If they had an issue with somebody, if you knew them at all or talked to them recently, that information could be helpful,” Sgt. Brown said.

Connersville detectives are handling the most recent case. 

However, Indiana State Police detectives are looking into the case from August because of a conflict of interest. 

Anybody with information on the most recent case can call the Connersville Police Department at 765-825-2111.

Anyone who may have information about the killing at Dale Cemetery can contact the Indiana State Police Pendleton Post at (765) 778-2121.