INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Coroner’s Office has released the cause of death of Kyle Moorman and his three young children after their bodies and Moorman’s car were found in a pond on Indy’s southwest side in July.

After the bodies were recovered from the pond on July 12, the coroner confirmed the identities of the deceased as 27-year-old Kyle Moorman, 5-year-old Kyle Moorman II, 2-year-old Kyannah Holland and 1-year-old Kyran Holland.

A cause of death wasn’t issued until Wednesday.

According to the coroner’s finding, all three of the children died as a result of freshwater drowning/accident. Kyle Moorman died as a result of freshwater drowning with acute ethanol intoxication. Acute ethanol intoxication is a form of alcohol poisoning that occurs from drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Police have not issued any further findings in the tragedy since previously releasing a detailed timeline of their investigation.

Loved ones said Moorman was last seen on July 6 when he took his children fishing at a pond near Bluff Road and Troy Avenue. Family members said his phone had last been pinged to that same location at 12:48 a.m. on July 7.

Family and police conducted searches for Moorman and the children, including receiving many false sightings. Kyle Moorman was eventually found in the pond on Bluff Road just after 7:30 p.m. on July 12. A dive team was called to the scene and a vehicle was located underneath the water. Once the vehicle was pulled from the water, the three young children were found inside.