INDIANAPOLIS – It’s kind of like finding a couple dollars in change hidden between your couch cushions.

You could have some unclaimed money just sitting there as the state waits for you to find it.

Attorney General Todd Rokita said his office returned more than $48 million in unclaimed property to Hoosiers last year.

So far in 2022, Hoosiers have reclaimed more than $19.5 million, but Rokita said more than $746 million remains up for the taking.

Curious if you have some money out there? You can visit or text CLAIM to 46220 to search your name, family or business.

Rokita made the following recommendations to help Hoosiers keep track of their assets:

  • Keep a record of all bank accounts
  • Indicate your interest in and awareness of all accounts by contacting the holder at least once every three years
  • Record all stock certificates and be sure to cash all dividends received
  • Record all utility deposits, including telephone, cable, and electricity deposits
  • Cash all checks promptly no matter how small
  • Update your address with all businesses when you move
  • Talk to loved ones about any safe deposit boxes you own