INDIANAPOLIS – Officer Thomas Mangan continues to recover after being shot in the throat on Feb. 27.

Mangan, known as “Tommy” among his fellow officers, can’t speak because of an injury to his voice box that required surgery.

He was one of several officers responding to a reported accident in the Fountain Square area when he was shot in the throat while pursuing a suspect.

Mangan currently communicates through writing. During a recent visit to see the injured officer, Deputy Chief Kendale Adams said Mangan asked if they could pray together.

Officer Thomas Mangan

Adams thought about Bible verses and wondered what he would say, but Mangan had a different idea.

“But to my surprise, Tommy started writing out his own prayer,” Adams said.

Adams shared the prayer during a news conference Tuesday:

Could we pray together?

Dear God, we are so grateful, grateful for your unconditional love for us. Father God, you have blessed me beyond my imagination. Each person I have come into contact with or have heard about is seeking to serve me.

I was supposed to serve this community, but God has greater plans. I am uncertain what they are, but I am thankful for the people He is using. Thank you, Jesus!


Officer Thomas Mangan

Mangan remains in serious but stable condition at Eskenazi Hospital. Residents can send get-well cards and well-wishes to him at the following address:

IMPD Southeast District
Attn: Officer Thomas Mangan
1150 Shelby Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203