The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office says more than 458,000 ballots have been cast so far. That’s just under 10 percent of the total voting population.

“If you are concerned at all about what’s happening in your community, your county, your state, get out there and vote and let your voice be heard,” said Beth Sheller, election administrator for Hamilton County.

Counties are in need of more poll workers ahead of Election Day. There are two requirements to be a poll worker. You must be a registered voter and resident of the county in which you wish to work, and you must be at least 18 years old. 

Marion County officials have been busy with early voting this week and are gearing up even more voters Tuesday.

“We have good turnout, but it’s a little bit down from 2018, which was the last midterm election year,” said Brienne Delaney, director of elections of the Marion County Election Board. “We’ll see what happens on Election Day. That’s when the final roll of voters comes in, so we’ll see.”

Hamilton County is also in need of more poll workers after last minute cancellations and have several openings to fill. They have over 700 poll workers for Election Day.

Officials say the more staff they have on Election Day, the less wait time for voters. To find a polling center in your area, click here.