HARTFORD CITY, Ind. – A Blackford County man told police he “lost his cool” when he tried to strangle his wife and almost hit children with his car.

A child tried to protect the woman by hitting him with a rake, according to court documents.

Police arrested 34-year-old Timothy Laschinsky after being dispatched to a Hartford City address on Chestnut Street on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

An officer arrived to find a large group of people gathered outside some apartments, with their attention directed across the street. The officer was familiar with the home and went across the street.

There, a woman told police Laschinsky attacked her during an argument and tried to choke her, according to court documents. She said she had “difficulty breathing” while he applied pressure to her neck. During the incident, a young boy hit Laschinsky with a “wooden-handled rake” in order to get him to stop.

Laschinsky then shoved the boy into a stand-up freezer, according to court documents.

After that, Laschinsky got into his car and drove up a small hill, nearly colliding with the porch where other children were standing. Laschinsky drove off after a woman across the street said she was calling the police. Another child was in the car with him at the time.

The woman had visible red marks on the right side of her chin and around the front of her throat, police said, and the little boy with the rake had a red spot on his back. An officer saw tire tracks leading from the road through the front lawn that came within feet of the house.

Police soon apprehended Laschinsky, who agreed to an interview. He conceded he’d gotten into a physical altercation with his wife and that the boy had hit him with a rake. He said his hand “may have slipped” toward the woman’s neck and told police he “disarmed” the boy after being hit with the rake, causing him to fall.

He drove the car into the front yard because, in his words, “[I] lost my cool.”

Laschinsky has a past conviction for domestic battery in Delaware County from 2019. He’s charged with domestic battery, domestic battery with bodily injury involving someone under the age of 14, strangulation and three counts of criminal recklessness in the Blackford County case.

An initial hearing is scheduled for Monday.