MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie husband is accused of trying to kill his wife by strangling her with an extension cord.

David McClure, 71, faces charges of attempted murder and strangulation in connection with the July attack, according to the Muncie Police Department.

Police said McClure walked up from behind as his wife was sitting in the dining room and wrapped the extension cord around her neck on July 5. She fell onto the floor but was able to put her fingers between the cord and her neck to avoid being strangled, she told police.

McClure’s wife said her husband punched her multiple times, striking the left side of her head “three or four times with a closed fist.” She told police her husband struggled with his mental health, and she urged him to seek help. It had been a year since his last violent episode, she said.

When police responded to their home, McClure admitted he tried to strangle his wife and told police where they could find the extension cord he’d used. Investigators collected it as evidence.

An officer interviewed McClure’s wife about a week after the assault and noticed she had bruises on her face, arms and hands. Her face and head were still swollen, according to court documents.

She told the officer she was “unable to breathe” during the attack and thought she was going to die. She was still sore from the incident.

A doctor evaluated McClure. According to court documents, McClure had “homicidal and suicidal ideation.” The doctor feared he would “kill himself and his wife if released.”

McClure was taken to the Delaware County Jail and had an initial hearing Wednesday. A trial is tentatively scheduled for January, according to court records.