WINCHESTER, Ind. — A Winchester mom is facing charges after police found she had her daughter in a filthy apartment where a dead body was found in the back bedroom.

Terry Alyea faces one count of neglect of a dependent, a Level 6 felony.

According to court documents, a family member called Winchester police officers to an apartment in the 600 block of E. Fourth Street on Dec. 17 in reference to an unwanted person.

Police reported that Alyea had been living in the apartment with her young daughter and that a man was reportedly in the back bedroom whom the family member said “wasn’t supposed to be in the apartment.”

Court documents reveal that officers entered the home and reported a “disgusting odor.” Trash and rotten, moldy food was observed all over the apartment and on the floor, police said. There was also no food in the refrigerator.

Police stated that after going into the back bedroom the odor became worse. A man, whom Alyea said was her boyfriend, was lying partially wrapped in a blanket on the bed but wasn’t responsive. Officers reported he was “cold and stiff to the touch.”

The man, later identified as Christopher Lecklider, was pronounced dead.

According to court documents, no one in the home was aware that Lecklider was dead. Both Alyea and Lacklider had reportedly been sick with the family member telling police that after being unable to contact Alyea for the past two days, she drove to the apartment to check on her and the child.

The family member told officers that she requested police because Lecklider wasn’t supposed to be in the apartment. The family member also called an ambulance due to Alyea’s condition, but stated she was unaware of Lecklider being deceased in the backroom.

The young child reportedly never entered the bedroom with the deceased, having said she didn’t go in because “daddy was in a bad mood.”

The child was left in the care of a family member.