INDIANAPOLIS — People living in the Crown Hill neighborhood of Indianapolis are begging for drivers to slow down after a recent fatal crash.

Renewing their constant plea, neighbors are again asking for drivers to be safe a week after a 45-year-old man died after being hit while walking along the intersection of 38th Street and Boulevard Place.

“A race track. That’s basically what it is,” said mother Madinah Henderson. “You see people speeding up and down this street; some of them are running lights.”

People in the area said many treat the 45 miles-per-hour speed limit as a suggestion.

“38th Street receives over 40,000 drivers every day,” said President of the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association Danita Hoskin.

Karen Leachman lost her son, Harley Williams, one week ago Tuesday.

Williams had been in the hospital since May 13 after he was hit walking near the intersection of 38th Street and Boulevard Place. 

“I ran out into the middle of the street,” Leachman said. “And I was hollering, ‘That’s my son, that’s my son’.”

Leachman said that while Williams was in the hospital, she stood outside the street to watch traffic.

“I walked up and stood on the corner at Family Dollar,” she said. “There was a guy doing a donut in the middle of Meridian Street.”

Madinah Henderson lost her son, Andre Henderson, in 2020. He was riding his bike when he was hit at the same intersection.

“We live about a block away,” Henderson said, “so he was real close to home.”

A bike placed on the corner of 38th Street and Boulevard Place is a reminder for drivers to slow down, and a reminder that the two mothers said is ignored.

“A lot of distracted driving, a lot of speeding,” Henderson said. “And I just feel like if it was your loved one, you would want somebody to slow down and be more cautious.”

In a statement sent to FOX59/CBS4, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said officers are still committed to enforcing safe driving.

“IMPD remains committed to ensuring drivers are safely operating on the road. IMPD officers continue to patrol the W. 38th St. corridor during their regular shifts conducting traffic stops, issuing warnings, writing tickets and making arrests when appropriate.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

In its statement, IMPD said officers encourage all drivers in the Indianapolis area to practice safe and responsible driving habits such as:

Knowing the rules of the road

“This means that drivers should be familiar with the traffic laws and regulations specific to the Indianapolis area,” IMPD said. “Understanding and following these rules help ensure safe and orderly traffic flow.”

Keeping your eye on the road

“This emphasizes the importance of focusing on driving and avoiding distractions,” IMPD continued. “Distractions can include using mobile phones, eating, grooming, or anything that diverts attention from the road. By staying attentive, drivers can react quickly to any potential hazards.”

Never operating  a vehicle while under the influence

“This is a reminder to never drive while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” IMPD said. “Impaired driving significantly increases the risk of accidents and endangers the lives of both the driver and others on the road. It is essential to find alternative transportation or designate a sober driver.”

IMPD concluded by saying that these habits would help make the area safer.

“Practicing each of these driving safety habits will cut down on the number of crashes, fatalities and pedestrians injured during their commute,” IMPD said.

Any Indianapolis driver who would like to submit a traffic complaint can do so by clicking here.