COLUMBUS, Ind. — Another large Indiana-based employer is speaking out in opposition to a near-total abortion ban signed into law by Governor Eric Holcomb.

Engine maker Cummins has joined Eli Lilly in releasing a statement that indicates the law could have an impact on the company’s future growth in Indiana.

A statement on the company’s website posted by Director of External Communications Jon Mills said in part:

“For Cummins to be successful it is critical that we have a safe and welcoming workplace, and communities where we embrace our difference and enable all employees to thrive. As we continue to grow our footprint with a focus on selecting communities that align with our values and business goals, this law will be considered in our decision-making process.”

Cummins Inc.

The company said it is “deeply concerned” about how the law could impede its ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce and the ability to ensure women have equal opportunity to fully participate in the workforce.

“This law is contrary to this goal and we oppose it,” said the statement.

Cummins says it will continue to provide its employees access to high quality and affordable healthcare, including reproductive health benefits, “regardless of where they live.”

Cummins is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana and employs about 10,000 in the Hoosier State, as well as more than 52,000 more globally.

You can see the company’s full statement here.