MOORESVILLE, Ind. — If you take a quick drive around Mooresville you’ll see overflowing trash bins with bags piling up on many streets. It’s part of a problem residents said has been going on for weeks.

”I have at least six bags and they’re the big yellow trash bags,” Anna Gould said, talking about her two full trash cans and the garbage now piling up around them.

It’s been three weeks since Gould had her trash picked up, her neighbors are in the same situation.

”All you have to do is drive up and down the streets and just see the trash sitting out waiting to be picked up,” she said.

Just a few blocks away it’s been almost two weeks since Linda McCall’s trash was picked up. She said it’s been frustrating.

”You wouldn’t want to have your house filled with trash, especially around Christmas time,” McCall said. “You have all that paper and stuff.”

It’s not just a problem in Mooresville either. We’ve gotten calls from people in Avon, Shelbyville, Brownsburg, Indianapolis and more where people have gone weeks without trash pick up.

Everyone we talked to said their trash service is Waste Management, which bought Ray’s Trash Service back in the fall.

”The only thing I’ve gotten from Waste Management is a little postcard saying, ‘Oh, we’re taking over,'” Gould said. “They sent me a bill, so I paid my bill, but I haven’t heard from them.”

A spokesperson for Waste Management said this has been a challenging transition period but they have extra personnel this week to get trash picked up.

The spokesperson said they’re working to replace 30% of the Ray’s Trash Service fleet because it didn’t meet safety standards. Gould called this frustrating.

”We can’t get ahold of anybody, no one will answer their questions and when they do they say, ‘Oh, its a safety issue,'” Gould said. “Didn’t they check this out before they bought it?”

In the meantime, Gould is left to bring her trash out and then put it away every day it’s not picked up.

”It’s hard for me to get my trash back into the garage but I don’t want the animals to get into the trash,” Gould said.

McCall is already looking for another service.

Waste Management said by February new customers will be integrated into WM communications. That means making an account, checking schedules and more.

Here is the full statement from Waste Management:

In September, WM purchased key assets of Ray’s Trash Service, the largest independent recycling and waste disposal operation in the Indianapolis area.

As part of this transition, WM has made it a priority to focus on streamlining operations, equipment, technology, and service – to keep safety at the forefront of all that we do, in addition to cultivating a people-first culture.


WM has zero tolerance for unsafe actions/conditions – and makes safety a core value without compromise. 

A key-area of focus as part of this transition is replacing the existing Ray’s fleet with new, WM assets. Nearly 30% of the fleet was not safe to operate as part of WM’s strict safety standards to ensure employee and community safety. The local team has been working diligently to replace assets, and currently has several rental trucks on the road to help keep service as timely as possible. Currently, 75 trucks are either received or in transit to support the Indianapolis area. 

Every WM employee undergoes extensive safety training as part of the onboarding process. This includes traveling to a WM training facility for safety training, and upon return, being placed with a site-designated safety trainer to learn and engage best practices for an additional 4-6 weeks. Following that process, every driver is assigned to a mentor as they continue to learn the WM protocol of safety and service excellence. As part of the acquisition, all former Ray’s Trash Service drivers participated in a mandatory WM onboarding safety training program that included several weeks of training to learn WM safety procedures and processes.


In early February of 2023, Ray’s Trash Customers can expect full integration into the WM suite of customer communications. Customers will have access to a variety of customer tools such as viewing pickup and holiday schedules, requesting service, and enrolling in AutoPay and Paperless Billing. They may also be able to set communication preferences to receive notifications and service alerts via email, text, or phone. 

From an operations perspective, all Ray’s/WM trucks will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides GPS tracking and instant routing notifications to ensure safe and timely service. WM encourages all former Ray’s Trash Service customers to visit to learn more about WM and what they can expect in the coming months. 

A People-First Focus: 

The WM team has made it a priority to refresh Ray’s Trash Service facilities and provide essential/critical safety equipment and WM gear to Ray’s Trash Service employees that have joined the WM community.

As part of this transition, newly welcomed Ray’s Trash Service employees (now WM team members) now have access to WM’s Your Tomorrow benefit. Your Tomorrow is offered in collaboration with Guild Education, a first of its kind program that provides WM employees, as well as their eligible dependents, the opportunity to choose from a full range of education options, including earning a college degree, at no cost to the employee. 

Customers may contact Ray’s Trash Service directly at 317-539-2024 or 800-531-6752, or by emailing this transition period, the WM team commits to working alongside customers to get their accounts serviced both safely and efficiently. Additional, trained, WM staff will be allocated to support call volume immediately, and 22+ drivers have been deployed to help recover service as quickly as possible. WM sincerely apologizes for the delay in service related to the Ray’s Trash Service transition and expects significant improvement in the coming weeks, including an increase in customer communications.

Please visit and monitor forcontinued updates.