FAIR OAKS, Ind. — An Indiana man faces felony intimidation and animal cruelty charges after police say he doused his sister’s cat in a superglue spray and “intentionally” tried to set the pet on fire.

Keifer A. Fleming, a 30-year-old man from Fair Oaks, was arrested by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department earlier this month after investigators said a family argument and a “desire for retaliation” led him to try and burn his sister’s pet cat alive.

Deputies first became involved on the morning of Aug. 3, 2023, when they were called to a home in Fair Oaks for a domestic disturbance, the JCSD said Wednesday in a Facebook post.

JCSD said that deputies spoke with Fleming upon arrival, who reported that he had been harassed and threatened by his family members while he was working in the kitchen.

However, other witnesses told deputies a different story.

“Subsequent conversations with other family members revealed that Fleming had used an aerosol-type Gorilla glue to spray his sister’s cat, followed by threats to set the cat on fire and burn down the house,” the JCSD said. “These actions were driven by his anger towards the other family members and his desire for retaliation.”

Keifer Fleming

Fleming was then arrested and subsequently booked into the Jasper County Detention Center on the following charges:

  • Intentionally Beating an Animal (a Level 6 Felony)
  • Intimidation (a Level 6 Felony)
  • Intimidation (a Class A Misdemeanor)

“It is important to note that arrests and criminal charges are allegations and accusations,” the JCSD post concluded. “Every individual is presumed innocent unless and until proven in a court of law.”