FRANKLIN, Ind. — Charges have been filed against a Franklin man accused of threatening a school bus full of children, striking a police officer, and shooting up a window in his own apartment over a two-day stretch.

Franklin police were first called to an apartment on Cedar Lane Drive on January 4. A tenant told officers her neighbor Ross Williams, 33, was yelling at children waiting at the bus stop that morning. When a parent told him to stop, he reportedly became belligerent and cursed at her.

Ross Williams booking photo

Officers said when they asked Williams what happened, he denied yelling profanities at anyone. Court documents state police could smell alcohol on Williams. After a brief discussion, police told Williams he was free to leave, and he asked if officers were going to “shoot him in the back.”

According to the Daily Journal, Williams called Northwood Elementary School at least twice when he went back to his apartment, at one point saying he hoped the school would blow up. During a second call, Williams is accused of telling the school he would bring his gun on the bus and handle things himself, stated the Daily Journal.

Police were called back to Williams’ apartment the next day. He had told a member of the management staff that someone had shot at his window. Williams reportedly claimed he was “ready for war” because “they are trying to get me.”

When police entered the apartment to investigate, they said they saw several divots in the floor, a couch with rips appeared to have been made by bullets, a bullet hole in a wall, and a bullet shattered window.

Officers also checked the outside of the apartment and found no damage to the exterior brick, leading them to believe the shots all came from inside the apartment.

Before police arrived, Williams went to a nearby restaurant with his son, according to court documents. But as police were at the apartment, they received a call from the restaurant about a disorderly male with a young child.

A probable cause affidavit stated police found Williams in a booth at the restaurant, with a large alcoholic drink in front of him that was about one-third of the way consumed.

When he was patted down for weapons, Williams repeatedly said the officers wanted to “shoot him, kick him in the face, or fight him.”

Another diner told police she called them because she was concerned for the welfare of the child. She told officers she overheard Williams tell the boy to finish his food or he would “kill him.”

Based on the level of his intoxication, police took Williams to the hospital where he was placed in an exam room. According to the court documents, Williams tried to get up several times, at one point kicking an officer in the shin when swinging his legs over the hospital bed.

He continued to be belligerent in the hospital, at one point calling a doctor a “f****t” and using a racial slur on a security officer, court documents state.

Back in Williams’ apartment, investigators located a gun safe with THC edibles, marijuana, and a controlled substance inside.

He was charged with six counts overall: battery against a public safety official, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of paraphernalia, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

The Daily Journal wrote Williams received a no trespassing order from Northwood Elementary following the incident.