INDIANAPOLIS — The Douglass Little League came back for another year on Saturday, celebrating it’s opening day with a parade.

The little league is one of the oldest in the country, with this year being it’s 68th straight year in operation. The organization is entirely volunteer lead and tries to give kids some safe, fun activities to do on the nicer spring and summer weekends.

Little league volunteers said organizations and events like this can help with the problems we’re seeing with violence in the city.

“We’re trying to make an impact in this neighborhood and community, because we know what’s going on in the community and I know we can make it better,” League President Tim Kimbrough said.

“We’re returning the favor that was given to us because we had a community that looked out for us, to get us to where we are,” Dr. Martin hill, senior warden at Meridian Lodge Number 33, said. “We want to return that favor to the kids.”

Right now there are games scheduled every Saturday through June 18. Officials said they plan to hold other tournaments after that, but times for those have not been finalized.