INDIANAPOLIS – There are still dozens of plow trucks out across the state. The concern right now is all the precipitation will freeze and cause dangerous travel conditions for morning commuters.

“We are going to continue to have our 60 trucks out and 100 crew members out as well,” said Department of Public Works Information Officer Imani Keith.

Crews have been on 12-hour shifts since midnight, Wednesday combatting winter weather.

”I think we just got a little bit lucky this time,” said Hamilton County Highway Department Director, Brad Davis.

Davis said temperatures didn’t drop as low as expected. 

“Crews got here at midnight and we were all waiting and standing by but it wasn’t until four or five hours later before they actually had something to work with.”

But concerns still linger. 

“Refreeze situations, final cleanups,” said Davis.

Crews have to keep going to prevent ice from causing morning commuters trouble. 

“At these temperatures, the salt works really well,” said Davis.

Keith said if it would have been a little bit colder it could have been a very different story on Wednesday.

“With the type of salt that we use, it gives us a little bit more of a leeway between the below-freezing temperatures. We would consider it being a little bit of an issue when the temperature is around nine degrees,” said Keith

For the next few days, you are asked to limit travel.

“We are continuing to urge residents to stay off the roads if they don’t have to be. limit your travel to necessary travel only,” said Keith.

Keith added that if you see a plow truck on the street you are encouraged to keep at least three cars length between yourself and the truck.