INDIANAPOLIS — DPW hosts a hiring event Wednesday to bring more staff to help with jobs around the city like repairing potholes and trash pick-up. 

The event will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Garfield Park on Pagoda Drive. 

“We could always use more folks and we could always do more and better work with additional people,” said DPW spokesperson Ben Easley. 

“We have generous benefits, paid time off. The compensation we think is very much in line with similar work in other places.” 

DPW is looking to fill about 70 positions at the event. 

Easley said they have been all hands on deck for repairing potholes but Wednesday’s event is to get more people to make sure everything else is covered. 

DPW says this time of year they see an increase in potholes. They start off focusing on main roads that have more traffic and are now transitioning to residential streets where people have reported them. 

Because of that, other responsibilities have taken a backseat. 

“I think that we have done more for potholes this year even than last year I think because we are pulling people from different operations across the division. I would say that there are services that we are not able to get to because we have less numbers than we have the capacity for. We have all these open positions that we would like to fill and so while we are continuing to do the work, especially with pothole filling. That’s priority number one at this point in the season.” 

Things they need up help with include cleaning up illegal dumping, picking up trash, and other city-wide maintenance.  

“Certainly, we could do more work if we had more people. I think it’s very important to know that we have more than 50 vacancies right now in our operations division. That’s the group of people that is doing that pothole filling work. As we have more people, we have more capacity to do the work the residents of Indianapolis expect us to do,” Easley said. 

For this event, they are targeting people with their CDL license. Jobs start at $21 an hour. People are asked to bring their proof of graduation or GED. And they are doing interviews on the spot.  

Right NOW, they currently have more than 50 job vacancies. They are also expanding their workforce and looking to hire for about 20 new positions. They are hoping to get those spots filled.