Howard’s passenger recalled being hit by glass from either the windshield or passenger window. He asked Howard, “Did you hit someone?”

She replied, “I think I hit somebody,” according to court documents. The passenger said he told Howard to pull over; when they stopped, someone flagged them down to tell them they had a scooter lodged underneath their car. A few people helped them dislodge the scooter before police arrived.

A security officer told police she saw Howard’s car going north on Lincoln Street and it sounded like it was dragging something. The driver stopped; she and her passenger exited the vehicle. After that, she saw a group of people tell them about the scooter and help them pull it from the back of the vehicle.

Video shared by an Uber driver showed the car turning onto 17th Street after the crash, kicking up sparks as it dragged the scooter underneath.

Image captured by an Uber driver shows sparks under the car

Howard went to IU Health Bloomington Hospital for a blood draw. The investigating officer said she “gave several different versions of how the damage to her vehicle occurred.”

A detective interviewed Howard at the Bloomington Police Department. She said the car didn’t have any damage before she went to the bar and there was no damage to the vehicle when they got in to drive home. She said she didn’t remember any accident, nor did she recall running off the road or hitting anyone, according to court documents.

She did remember turning right onto 17th Street. When asked why she’d turned there, she replied, “[it] was either because I hit something, or because I was driving to my old apartment where I used to live that is in that area.”

When pressed further after the detective pointed out those were two wildly different explanations, Howard said she’d turned onto 17th Street because she “probably hit something.”

She remembered making another left and stopping for a stop sign. She also recalled some people yelling that her car was dragging a scooter behind it. Shortly after that, police arrived at the scene.

Surveillance video from a Domino’s Pizza on Walnut Street provided investigators with their best indication of what happened. Around 1:45 a.m., Howard’s car is seen heading northbound. It appeared to be traveling much more to the right of the road than other vehicles that had gone through the area.

At least one person is seen moving very quickly off the sidewalk in order to avoid being hit by the vehicle, according to court documents. The car continues northbound past the intersection and veers into the bike lane and onto the sidewalk. Once the vehicle passes, a shoe is seen bouncing along the sidewalk, the aftermath of Howard’s car hitting Stratton.

Image via Bloomington Police Department

The original 911 call came in at 1:49 a.m., records showed. IU police notified dispatchers 10 minutes later that they may have located the car involved in hitting Stratton.

Police said Howard drove over four blocks on Walnut Street after the crash, drove another two blocks east on 17th Street and then headed north on Lincoln Street for another two blocks.

“Madelyn made no attempt to remain at the scene of the accident or attempt to call 911 or notify the police of the accident,” the officer wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

Howard bonded out of the Monroe County Jail earlier this week. She has an initial hearing scheduled for Friday.