Need help paying your electric bill?

Duke Energy said $225,000 of financial assistance is still available to customers.

The money comes from Duke’s “Share the Light Fund,” a community partnership intended to help families who may be struggling to pay for utilities.

Duke said it has helped about 450 households with $100,000 in assistance so far this year. The utility company works with the Indiana Community Action Energy Assistance Program (EAP) to distribute the money.

Qualifying customers can receive an annual credit of up to $300 to help pay energy bills, deposits and reconnection/disconnection charges. It could be a lifeline at a time when gas and food prices are surging, putting the squeeze on families.

Rising fuel costs also affect the price of energy. According to Stan Pinegar, president of Duke Energy, customers may also be noticing higher energy bills as a result.

To learn more about eligibility, customers should contact their local EAP agency. You can find a list by county here.