WESTFIELD, Ind. — A dump truck driver found himself nearly ten feet in the air after wedging his truck underneath a bridge and causing the nose of his truck to go airborne.

The Westfield Fire Department said the crash occurred on 191st Street under the southbound side of the U.S. 31 bridge. The bed of the dump truck appears to have caught on the edge of the bridge as the driver tried to pass underneath U.S. 31, causing the bed to slam backwards into a near vertical position which thrust the nose of the truck up into the bottom of the bridge.

The Westfield Fire Department extricated the driver who was transported but is said to have not suffered any major injuries.

The Indiana Department of Transportation inspected the bridge using drones for a close-up view of the damage. The inspectors cleared the bridge to be reopened after assessing the impact.

The Westfield Fire Department thanked Paddack’s Wrecker and Towing for assisting in the accident by helping stabilize the vehicle while crews rescued the driver from the airborne cab of the truck.